The camping site

Bryrup Camping offers vacations between the lakes near Silkeborg. Here is room for experiences, activities, and relaxation for children and adults regardless of age. The site is surrounded by beautiful nature with beautiful forests and quiet lakes - and just 18 km from Silkeborg.

Great location near Silkeborg

Bryrup Camping has the ideal setting for an active holiday in scenic surroundings near Silkeborg – with forests and lakes just outside the campsite. With its 4 stars, Bryrup Camping is among the elite in Danish camping, this ensures that the quality is always top-notch …

Charming terraces on 3 levels

The campsite has a completely unique decor on several levels and terraces. Choose a unit on one of the charming terraces and enjoy the view over the whole site. On the terraces, you can lie almost completely undisturbed. You have no neighbor-across-the-street, but instead a beautiful view.

You can choose between different types of campsites: black, green, red and blue. If you need a large space, choose a Comfort Site (blue) where there is plenty of space around you.

The campsite is manageable, even for the little ones. It is safe and secure for even the smallest children to walk around the site.

Overview of the site

Bryrup Camping has 250 landscaped units.

On the terraces, you get a fantastic view of the countryside, and here is also a little more peace and quiet than on the rest of the site. In the pre-and post-season, you may find that there is more shade than below the terraces.
If you want a little more life, be closer to the facility buildings, or the playground and water park, then you can choose one of the spaces below the terraces.
No matter where you choose, it is not far from anything at Bryrup Camping.

You can choose from four different seat types:
Standard Site: “Ordinary” site of 80-100 m2.
Standard + Site: “Better” standard site (location, size) of 80-140 m2.
Super Site: “Good and coveted” site with a good location, or viewing area of ​​100-150 m2.
Comfort Site: Like Super Site, but with water and drain connection. 100-130 m2.
IMPORTANT: The camper must be placed in the light green field on the site.

Pastimes for young and old

Water park

Heated outdoor water park

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Miniature golf

Newly renovated (2020)

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Brand new! (2021)

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Together we will get the best vacation


At Bryrup Camping there are lots of activities throughout the year, where the majority are of course during the summer and are mostly for children.

Examples of activities are magic shows, horse riding, bouncy castles in the hall, “snobød” on a campfire, creative ideas with Kriblekongen, or whatever we come up with.

But there is also no shortage of activities the rest of the year, where we also try to make some fun for the adults. There have been, for example, rum, gin, beer and wine tastings, music on the barbecue terrace, American weekend, MTB tours, etc. You can follow everything in the GoVisit app.

The Krøier-Kvist family

Since February of 2020, we, Sidse, Jens Kristian, and the boys Karl and Elliot have been your hosts and the owners of Bryrup Camping.

We are originally from Vestbjerg in North Jutland.

Sidse has a background with many years of experience in the hotel industry, and Jens Kristian with a solid background in holiday home rental. We come with fresh eyes at Bryrup Camping, and the entire camping industry, but at the same time we are enormously humble concerning the fact that it is a profession that we do not yet have much experience with.

Our boy, Karl, was born in 2014 and loves wild play, rocks, and big sticks. Elliot, who is from 2016, is very fascinated by everything that big brother does and likes. Beyond that, they love dinosaurs. Karl is most fascinated by the dangerous carnivores, while the long necks have a big star with Elliot.

The family also includes the three mouse hunters, Nala, Steven, and Bulder, who will keep the awnings free of mice in the autumn. The cats are of course on guard against the guests’ dogs, but it is over with a single hiss and a high back every now and then.

Together we look forward to doing our utmost to ensure that you have a fantastic vacation at Bryrup Camping. Our goal is to create the best setting for you to get fantastic vacation memories to take home, and that you have the opportunity to enjoy and use nature, experience the area and the area’s attractions, or just relax completely and recharge your batteries completely.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Sidse, Jens Kristian, Karl and Elliot