Rules of conduct

Campingpas / Legitimation

A recognized camping pass can be used as a valid ID for your stay  at the camping. Your camping pass or other legitimation with your name and ads ress is used upon arrival at the reception.


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When staying at Bryrup Camping

The camp manager is responsible for peace and order, and is available if problems arise. The instructions of the camp manager must always be followed.
We ask to show consideration for other camping guests and point out that noisy behavior is not allowed.

From 11pm to 7am all it is not allowed to drive motorized vehicules and the guests are asked to be quiet an considerate for those who wish to sleep. The gate closes at 10pm and opens at 7 am.

The speed limit on the site is 10 km / h. This applies to cars, as well as electric scooters, bicycles, go-karts and the like.

Only ordinary tents and awnings for caravans may be used. Tent houses with fixed walls, windows and doors are not allowed. It is allowed to set up a storage tent of approx. 3 m2 by prior arrangement with the camp manager. The safety distance to the neighbor must still be maintained.

The caravan must be mobile, ie. registered for driving in accordance with the Traffic Act, or be provided with a green ID number, which can be purchased at the reception. An annual sticker must be purchased, which is renewed every year.

It is allowed to use standard sails for shelter. It is allowed to use dog fences, but these must be removed when the pitch is left for longer than 24 hours.

Caravans, awnings and the pitch must at all times appear neat and inviting.
Flagpoles, antennas and the like may not be erected, and excavation at the pitch may only take place by agreement with the camp manager.

Fire protection measures

The distance between camping units must be at least 3 meters.
The use of any kind of weapon and fireworks is prohibited on the site.

On-site trade is only accepted if the camp manager’s permission is obtained.

Common facilities, ie. toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens and the like must be left in the same condition as you want to find them yourself – clean and tidy.

Waste is sorted into the fractions that are stipulated in the waste yard. All waste that does not fall under the fractions that are available in the waste yard must be brought to the recycling station. The nearest is in Them.

Car / Caravan washing must not take place at the campsite.

Play and ball games

It is not allowed to play ball between the caravans. Reference is made instead to the ball field. Noisy and wild play is referred to the playground.

The bouncy castles are open from 09:00 until 21:00. It poses a safety risk to use the bouncy cushions when they are only partially inflated. Children’s stay on the bouncy cushions when they are not lit is at their own risk and that of the parents.


Dogs are welcome at the campsite, but must be walked outside the campsite areas. The dog must always be tied up, or in a safe kennel – when walked, they must be led on a leash. The dog must not be brought to toilets, kitchens and other indoor facilities.
REMEMBER! The dog bag for collecting the dog’s droppings. To avoid odor nuisances at the campsite, dog bags with droppings must always be thrown in the dog station, which is set up at the driveway to the terraces.
It is a reason for expulsion if you deliberately do not pick up your dog’s droppings.


Unless otherwise agreed with the camp manager, your pitch must be cleared and cleaned no later than 12:00 (rental units at 10:00) for the sake of the next guests.


Bryrup Camping assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of the camping guests’ belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, equipment or fellow campers’ property can be held liable in accordance with the general rules of compensation. Most campers are naturally considerate in their behavior. Sanctions against the few who do not comply with the rules of the square can be immediate expulsion from the camping.

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