Givskud Zoo

31 min | 37 km

Visit Givskud Zoo, also known as the Lion Park, and meet wild animals from all over the world.

Up close with the animals in Givskud Zoo

Get really close to the animals in Givskud Zoo. Take the family on safari in your own car or drive around the park with Givskud Zoo’s safari bus.

Drive across the African savannah and experience giraffes and zebras walking around on the road right in front of you. You can also experience the many lions up close in the dangerous territory of the lions.

Visit the large tropical house with the park’s new predators. Experience when the South American giant otters are fed. See when elephants, gorillas, and camels are being fed too.

Stop by the North American tipi camp and let the kids wash gold like a real gold digger. Or let the children go on adventures in the Safari train and try to feed animals.

Everything is possible in Givskud Zoo.

Givskud Zoo discount

Get a discount at Givskud Zoo. Buy the tickets at Bryrup Camping and skip the queue in the park.