You will find a large play area with bouncy cushions, climbing wall, climbing tunnels, slides and swings. Whew, your children will find lots of activities and fun games at the campsite.  


The campsite also has lots of games for outdoor use as well as games for games for indoor use. Come and ask for our activity boxes in the Reception. 

Lots of fun on the playground

When you go camping in Denmark, your children will have plenty of space at Bryrup Camping. We put great emphasis on having an exciting and updated playground for all ages, so your children will have fun and play with new friends all day.

  • 3 bouncy cushions
  • Playing field with goals
  • Tarzan track
  • Swings
  • Baby swings
  • Big slide
  • Seesaws
  • Carousel
  • Play tower
  • Climbing wall

At Bryrup Camping, you will find much, much more for the children. They can take a dip in the water park, play miniature golf, play football with their friends or play a game of table tennis or fun games in the arcade.

In the evening, we will bake twist bread over an open fire. Jens Kristian will come and help the children. It is a big success and very cosy! Check the calendar of activities to find the next twist bread event.