Superbly located near Silkeborg

Bryrup Camping has quite the ideal setting for active holidays in beautiful surroundings near Silkeborg in Denmark - with forests and breathtaking lakes just outside the campsite. 
With 4 stars is Bryrup Camping among the elite in the Danish camp, this ensure that quality always is in top...



Charming terraces in 3 levels

The campground has a unique division into several levels and terraces. Select a pitch on one of the charming terraces and enjoy the view of the campsite. On the terraces, you can be almost completely undisturbed. You do not have any neighbours opposite you, but instead a beautiful view. 

You can choose among different types of pitches: black, green, red and blue. Do you need a large pitch, choose a comfort pitch where there is plenty of space around you.

Camping at Bryrup Camping is very safe and secure for even the youngest children who can walk freely and safely around the campsite.

See a map of the campsite.

Attentive host couple

Read more about the host couple, Sidse & Jens Kristian, who are very present and visible at the campsite.

Read about what they associate with an active holiday and how they will give you plenty of opportunities to get an active holiday in beautiful surroundings.