Midtjyllands Arts Center

Come to Bryrup and experience the Gallery Habsø, which is the largest art center in Denmark. Gallery Habsø is beautifully situated in Bryrup, just 18 km south of Silkeborg.


The country's largest gallery

Midtjyllands Arts Center in Bryrup near Silkeborg, established in 1998. It is the largest gallery in Denmark and is an international art center. We have gathered an impressive amount artworks so here you do not go in vain.

Art for everyone

Gallery Habsø specializes in contemporary art and has over 100 professional and renowned artists from home and abroad affiliated Midtjyllands Arts Center. Prices vary greatly from work to work, so here is something for everyone.

Arts and Living

Midtjyllands Arts Center is to large to experiance in one day. Therefore, one can easily spend 2 days to experience the impressive collection of works and the atmosphere in the Gallery.

At Bryrup Camping you can rent luxury cabins and caravans during the summer. It allows you to enjoy all the works on display at leisure.

Check out our attractive deals and packages both weekends and weekdays.

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