Take a trip to LEGOLAND® Billund - Denmark's funniest and most famous amusement park. Your children and grandchildren will have lots of fun and exciting experiences.

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LEGOLAND® Billund is approximately 30-minutes drive from Bryrup Camping.

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In LEGOLAND® Billund, you and your children will experience full speed, action and excitement for the whole family. In LEGOLAND® Billund, you will find more than 55 exciting rides and plenty of fun events to try out. 

Buy tickets for the popular amusement park at Bryrup Camping and walk right past the queue when you arrive at the park.

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Buy All Include packages with day tickets to LEGOLAND®.You will then know the total costs of your holiday.

Your children will have lots of fun in the famous theme park. The day tickets can be extended to 2 days for a small fee at the park. 

See the campsite's Park Include holiday packages with day tickets to LEGOLAND Billund or read more about LEGOLAND® Billund.

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