Visit a completely different type of attraction than you might be used to. Become challenged with tasks, puzzles and other brain exercise activities in Labyrinthia.

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Experience a fun and challenging day when you enjoy yourself with the adventure of Labyrinthia.

Explore 7 different outdoor mazes. Have fun in the 2,000 m² water maze with 900 roses and 12 computer controlled water ports. Or try a 1,300 m² 3D maze, a Chartres maze of medieval design, a Bronze Age Trojaborg maze, a mini maze for the youngest and more exciting mazes. You will not be bored!

Also look inside and find a Cryptotheque with brainteasers, ball games and maze games. Or see the exhibition on "The history of the maze".

Read more about Labyrinthia and be inspired to get a day with plenty of exercise for your brain as well as legs.

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