Silkeborg Bird of prey Show

When you visit Bryrup Camping, close to Silkeborg it is a must to visit Silkeborg Bird of Prey Show in Them, just 9 km from the campsite.

Lille Ugle

"Feel the rush" at Silkeborg bird of prey Show

Silkeborg bird of prey show is not just a small man with a goatee, like swinging a dead chicken in a leash while he calls his fled falcon.

On the contrary, a high long-bearded weirdo who share its scenic property, his life and his home with several hawks, falcons, owls and eagles.

Young and old horror in the entertaining, instructive and highly unconventional show, when the birds in cooperation with the falconer showcasing their amazing hunting and flight characteristics. Maybe you'll even get the chance to hold a hawk or owl.