Walking in Bryrup

Bring your hiking shoes when you are camping in Denmark. Explore the many forests and lakes around Bryrup. Take a walk around Bryrup Langsø and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of Grenen.



See also Bryrup and Silkeborg area by bike or mountain bike. Or from Bryrup Langsø by canoe or kayak.

Many hiking trails near Silkeborg

The Silkeborg area is ideal for an active holiday in Denmark. Enjoy the beautiful landscape consisting of forests, hills and lakes.

In the Silkeborg area, you will find plenty of hiking trails. Go hiking on the four disused railway lines, which are now used as hiking and biking trails. Enjoy the peace and the quiet that surrounds you when you are far away from all the traffic.

Choose the route that suits you

Try different routes in Bryrup and gain new experiences every day. The routes vary in difficulty and length, so it is possible to find a route that suits your needs.

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Walk or run:
Map with popular walking routes and trails. Choose among 2, 5 and 10 km.

See more walking routes near Silkeborg.

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