Canoeing on the lake

See the beautiful scenery from the lake. Bring the family out in a canoe on the lake of Bryrup Langsø. Experience the nature and the idyllic atmosphere up close when you navigate around the lakes.

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Canoe rentals at the campsite

Do you want to go canoeing? Then look for canoe rentals at Bryrup Camping.

You can easily get started. The beautiful lake Bryrup Langsø is just across the road.

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Overview map of the lake of Bryrup Langsø. Canoe rentals, kayak rentals and rentals of all necessary equipment at the campsite.

Would you rather challenge yourself by going kayaking, there is also a great opportunity for that. Ask for kayak rentals at the campsite.


The Silkeborg lakes and especially Gudenåen are known for canoeing. Go canoeing with your family or friends and enjoy the beautiful and serene surroundings around Silkeborg when you go camping in Denmark.