Them indoor swimming pool

If you like swimming and a little bit of wellness, then visit the modern indoor swimming pool in Them – just 9 minutes by car from the campsite or approx. 30 minutes by bike.


Go for a swim in the water park at Bryrup Camping on a hot summer day. Or take a dip in the charming bathing lakes or visit the Baths in Bryrup. They are close to the campsite.

Indoor swimming pool and wellness

Go for a morning swim in the Olympic pool, enjoy the hot water pool (34°C), treat yourself to a spa or take a sweat in the sauna. For the children, you will find slides and a children’s pool.

Or get your heart rate up in the gym or on the tennis courts that are affiliated with the indoor swimming pool.

Get discounted tickets

Bryrup Camping has made an attractive price agreement for the guests staying at the campsite. See the price list here.

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Map of bathing places • Bryrup pool • Bryrup Langsø • The sea bath • Hundsø Snabe Igelsø • Kalgaard Lake • Them indoor swimming pool.