A great stay

At Bryrup Camping we of course offer traditional camping with your own camper, tent, or motorhome, but we also have a large selection of different cabins and luxury villa tents.

Your own camper/tent

Bryrup Camping has the ideal setting for an active vacation in scenic surroundings near Silkeborg – with forests and lakes just outside the campsite. With its 4 stars, Bryrup Camping is among the elite in Danish camping, which ensures you that the quality is always top-notch …

Charming terraces in 3 levels

The campsite has a completely unique decor on several levels and terraces. Choose a unit on one of the charming terraces and enjoy the view over the whole site. On the terraces, you can lie almost completely undisturbed. You have no neighbor-across-the-street, but instead a beautiful view of the countryside.

You can choose between different types of camping sites: Standard, Standard +, Super and Comfort. If you need a large space, choose a Super or a Comfort space where there is plenty of space around you.

The campsite is manageable, even for the little ones. It is safe and secure for even the smallest children to walk around the site.


At Bryrup Camping, motorhomes are very welcome!

If you need a single safe overnight stay, or if you need to use the space for several days, we have the facilities for you.

We have a stable driving surface in all camping sites and you will have access to state-of-the-art common facilities.

On our parking lot you can fill up the water tank and empty your grey water.

Big selection of cabins

We offer 5 kinds of cabins, as well as our fantastic Villa LUX Family villa tents. Therefore, there should be exactly the right accommodation option for you.
The cabins are between 8 and 30 m2, where the smallest have a kitchenette and room for 2-6 people, while the largest has room for 4-6 people with their own shower and toilet etc.

Dogs are welcome in all rental units for a cleaning fee.

REMEMBER: Cleaning, electricity consumption, Wi-Fi, and bath are always included in the price!

Funkis cabin

30 m2 – up to 6 people. Has its own bathroom and toilet.

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Scandinavia cabin

25 m2 – up to 6 people. Has its own bathroom and toilet.

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Large Bryrup cabin

15 m2 – up to 6 people.

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Medium Bryrup cabin

12 m2 – up to 4 people.

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Small Bryrup cabin

8 m2 – up to 2 people.

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38 m2 – up to 4 people.

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Caravan 3 persons

Lovely caravan with awning on pitch 209

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Caravan for 5 persons

Cosy family caravan on pitch 30

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Together we will get the best vacation


  • Standard Site: “Ordinary” space of 80-100 m2
  • Standard + Site: “Better” standard site (location, size) of 80-140 m2
  • Super Site: “Good and sought after” space with good location, or view of 100-150 m2
  • Comfort Site: Like Super Site, but with water and drain connection. 100-130 m2

We are ready to help

If you are in doubt about which room or cabin to choose, please call or write to us.
If you have special needs, we are of course also happy to help with advice, so you get the best possible vacation at Bryrup Camping.
If you subsequently manage the booking online yourself, you will still save the booking fee, but we are of course always ready to help you book.
We look forward to seeing you 🙂