Vacation between the lakes near Silkeborg

Plenty of room for activities, relaxation and new and precious vacation memories for adults and children.
Awe inspiring nature, beautiful forests and calm lakes.


Bryrup Camping is a GoVisit Partner, which means that we use the GoVisit service to publish the activities and events that you can experience on the site.

In addition to viewing the calendar on this page, you can download the app of the same name for Android and iOS (iPhone), so you will never miss anything here on the site again.

Did you know...?

… that we also send out offers and important information via the GoVisit app?

It may be that we have heard that something exciting is happening in the immediate area, that an event has been moved to another time, that a dog has disappeared, a mobile phone has been found, or the price of a draft of beer has been cut in half.

Make sure to download the app for your phone, and (important!) Remember to check in at Bryrup Camping, so you are always up to date on what is happening on the site.

Also check out the info screens in the TV room, in the reception, and the large communal kitchen. We are of course very happy to help you install the app if it proves difficult.

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