Vacation between the lakes near Silkeborg

Plenty of room for activities, relaxation and new and precious vacation memories for adults and children.
Awe inspiring nature, beautiful forests and calm lakes.

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It was super cozy. It was so nice, well maintained, and clean everywhere. There's lots of family room, so you don't need to squish two kids into one tiny toilet to brush their teeth. The playground and the pool were super, as both the little one at 6 years old and the big one at 9 had great pleasure there. We would warmly encourage you to go there.
5 stars

Lovely hosts, wonderful scenic surroundings, and a super great atmosphere. I have rarely experienced a camping site with so much warmth, fun, and a good mood. We will definitely return, and would clearly recommend it to others.
Thank you for a wonderful stay!

What a great season, even corona and the weather were not in the way, host couple provided indoor activities, cleaning absolutely in top, brand new rental space, there were all-over-the-world barbecue evenings, live music, wine tasting, whiskey night, cowboy night, room tasting, and lots for the kids, lots of fishing in a great nature area. 10 stars from here and we look forward to next year.

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Camping at Silkeborg og Ry

Camping at Silkeborg and Ry offers experiences and activities for children and adults regardless of age.

Bryrup Camping & Resort is centrally located in the area around Silkeborg. The surroundings are perfect and provide plenty of opportunities for fun, exciting and demanding activities. The beautiful forests and quiet lakes not only offer cozy family moments – but the diverse nature also invites to good runs, MTB rides, or maybe just a peaceful walk / or hike.

In other words, Ry, Silkeborg, and Bryrup Camping have the ideal conditions so that the whole family can enjoy the whole holiday with experiences and activities.

Attractions close to Silkeborg: Bryrup Veteranbane (The vintage railway Bryrup-Vrads), Labyrinthia, Midtjyllands Kunst Center (The artcenter of central Jutland), Himmelbjerget, Hjejlen, Rovfugleshow (Bird of prey show) etc …

In addition, some of the country’s most popular attractions are within a 1 – 1.5 hours drive from Bryrup. Among other things are Randers Regnskov, LEGOLAND Billund, Givskud Zoo, Djurs Sommerland and much more …

Bryrup Camping offers camping, cabins, rental caravans, and active holidays for the whole family in the lovely surroundings of Silkeborg and Ry in Central Jutland.