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Active holiday is a holiday form which includes sports, health and well-being. An active holiday gives you a great sense of your body, a lot of well-being and wonderful holiday adventures.

Have an active holiday with lots of adventures. Keep up with what is going on - both on the campsite and in the area. See all activities in the calendar of activities below.

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Nordisk Extrem Maraton

Date: Saturday, 27 May 09:00 - Sunday, 28 May 20:00

Venue: In Silkeborg

Nordic Extreme Marathon is 2 days with great experiences and adventures. The "mountain race" in the largest forest complex and in some of the country's most beautiful scenery!

Over the two days the participants move over hills street, through valleys, crossing bogs and swamps, pass ladder and experience amazing views. Overnight in an idyllic Night Camp out in the open between the stages, the teams are self-sufficient along the way - an experience and an adventure!


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  • From Saturday, 27 May 09:00 to Sunday, 28 May 20:00

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