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Active holiday is a holiday form which includes sports, health and well-being. An active holiday gives you a great sense of your body, a lot of well-being and wonderful holiday adventures.

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ART Gallery - Easter Exhibition

Date: Saturday, 01 April 12:00

Venue: Midtjyllands Kunst Center

Easter exhibition:
Our long-standing and traditional Easter Exhibition, which we have successfully completed since 2003, is our biggest event. It begins two weekends before Easter day and often finishes two weeks later, or by the end of April. During the Easter exhibition the art center is visited by 45-50 different artists from Denmark as well as abroad, who are present in turn and work and talk about their art works. These are mainly represented in the Easter holidays with up to 20 artists every day. During Easter exhibition, we are visited by up to 10.000 visitors.

For several months leading up to the Easter exhibition, indeed long before Christmas, the artists have been busy. In the month before the exhibition starts, we receive more than 1.500 pieces of art, all of which must be photographed, framed, price tag and placed in the exhibition. The works come primarily from Danish artists, but we also receive more than 300 new works from artists from countries such as Poland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Lithuania and the Faroe Islands.


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  • Saturday, 01 April 12:00

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